The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:
 Libra: You’re going to have such a clear head this week, and your imagination is going to spark and glow, and you’re going to find ways to make your world make sense. You’re going to find ways to solve the puzzles that have been haunting you. You’re going to be able to put the pieces of yourself together in ways that feel right. You’ll be able to look straight at the things that have been troubling your dreams, and you’ll be wise enough to find paths to the other side, wise enough to find the way to safety.
Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.

Claire Grenade

Arturo Herman Medrano


nirvana & st. vincent » lithium
live at the rock and roll hall of fame inductions, 2014.

i’m so happy
cuz today i found my friends
they’re in my head

Nomadic Life

Bear Lino //
Sam Scales